March 02, 2017 2 min read

I am giving myself a Honorable Degree is Software Engineering after these past three years! 

I REALLY DO DESERVE IT...........Not only have I learned about all the ins and outs of opening servers, configuring products to match UNHEARDOF mappings, metatags, backlisting, SEO, photography, editing, cropping, software configuration, coding, categories vs. departments, blogging, front ends, etc.  Not to mention ftp, odbc, csv, sql, pos, sms, csm!  I know I am good at singing my ABC’s but this was all mixed up.  WHO KNEW THERE COULD BE SO MANY ACRONYMS??? 

All I wanted was for my dear friends who I met on the road so many years ago to be able to order a simple shirt.  My new found friends on Facebook to be able to enjoy our clothing. “Should we create that as a Style, Parent Group, Family Tree, simple or configurable product” I was asked? Can we map it to the product download from your cart, push it to your inventory manager, pull it from your shipping software and then send a message to the customer with tracking, create the sales order and subtract the inventory in your POS, (Point of Sale Software, not what you were thinking)  ALL TO JUST UPDATE THE NUMBER FROM 30 to 29???

Have you thought about fullfillment, oh ya, you need a server, Firewall, a computer that has 2.6 ghz, and some asprin.  Dumbfounded I began my research, night after night after night after night (and times that two years ago to now) I realized what I had put together wouldn't work at all.  Server based? We need it Cloud Based? You chose the wrong Shopping Cart (that was an expensive mistake three times over)! You should have started with a different Inventory Software, Why are you using "That" POS (Point of Sale, I know what you were thinking, so I though I better correct you;)! “We MIGHT be able to have your inventory hooked together, but that will be another $5900!) WHhhhaaaatttttt!  $5900 for a MIGHT, and you can’t upload images, you might have to double enter your product, and it might not work at all! 

You spent all night coming up with that? Well good try, but that won't work (are you kidding, I just spent from 1 a.m. to 9 a.m. on it, Urgh!)  Goodness, I for sure went into the wrong degree. 

This little boutique owner is ready to go back to College.  My degrees are not going to be enough………………………………………….. 

 FINALLY, four months later, 529 mistakes, and a lot of hours in researching.  We have a website for you.  Will it work right, HOPEFULLY!  Just know we will get our product to you REALLY FAST, and we will TAKE CARE OF YOU NO MATTER WHAT!  For now, I am going to go hug two kids and a husband and wash my little boys bike with him.  (My husband so nicely brought it home in the back of his horse/cattle trailer!)

So what should you get from all of this.  Don’t be a boutique owner.  Become a Software Engineer/Web Developer, we will support you ;)!